Starting a family is a big decision. But once you have made that choice, it can be devastating if it doesn’t happen right away. You may want to be evaluated for fertility issues.

Infertility is a symptom of an underlying disease.Dr. Jenkins understands how stressful it can be when you are faced with the possibility of infertility.He offers limited infertility treatment – diagnosis of the cause of unproductiveness and treatment of certain problems.We recommend that couples who have been trying to conceive for one year without success come in for an assessment.

Women over the age of 35 should consider evaluation after six months of trying, or earlier if you have irregular menstrual cycles. Dr. Jenkins will begin by consulting with you and your partner, and then he may order tests based on your history.He may request ultrasound diagnostics to look for anatomical abnormalities and order blood work to check for hormonal idiosyncrasies.

It is important to look at the male factor of infertility.In 40 percent of infertile couples, the cause can be traced to the man, and in 40 percent of couples, the cause can be traced to the woman.In about 20 percent of couples, no cause for infertility can be found.

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Some of the most common causes of infertility are:

  • Problems with the man’s reproductive system (ranging from sexually transmitted diseases, to varicose veins, to medical conditions like diabetes).
  • Problems with the fallopian tubes.
  • Problems with the cervix or uterus (endometriosis, scarring, or tumors).
  • Problems with ovulation (hormonal irregularities).

There is much hope for couples dealing with childlessness.More than half of pairs who seek treatment for infertility become pregnant.If you have been trying to conceive without success, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Jenkins.He can help you find the answers you are looking for in a caring, compassionate atmosphere.