Bladder suspension and pelvic floor surgery offer Katy women relief from urinary incontinence

While many people make jokes about tiny urinary accidents that occur when you laugh; or never being able to do a jumping jack without needing to run for the bathroom; or never, ever passing up an opportunity to use the bathroom after having children; one quickly realizes urinary incontinence is a very real and very frustrating medical condition for millions of women.

Because it seems so common, it’s hard for women to understand if they have an actual problem that needs medical attention or if this is a change in their pelvic floor due to childbirth or age. The best way to answer that question is to talk to a trusted physician. By answering questions about when and how frequently you feel urges to use the bathroom or have urinary accidents, a physician will be able to tell if you have minor to moderate incontinence that can be improved with physical therapy, Kegel exercises, or medication.

However, in some cases, incontinence is severe and doesn’t respond to non-invasive treatments. In those cases, a physician may recommend bladder suspension surgery. This procedure can be performed several ways including through an abdominal incision, a laparoscopic incision, or an incision through the vagina. Each procedure involves pulling the bladder back into place and securing it with sutures so that it stays put.

Success rates for bladder suspension surgery are good; however, it doesn’t last forever. Often the symptoms will return in time. Success often depends on a patient’s medical history or other medical conditions, age, how long she’s been managing with stress incontinence, and how active she is following surgery. Also, it’s important to note that bladder suspension surgery is only effective on stress incontinence. Those patients who have urge incontinence may have similar symptoms but the causes and treatments are very different.

Bladder suspension and pelvic floor surgery, Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine - Katy, TX

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