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Understanding incontinence and urological treatments in Katy, TX

Incontinence in a condition in which control over the bladder, bowel, or both is inhibited. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, as well as impacting your lifestyle and normal activities. There are effective urological treatments available from Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive medicine, located in Katy, TX.

Urinary incontinence

The primary indication of urinary incontinence is accidental release of urine, which may be triggered by strenuous exercise, coughing, sneezing or spontaneous laughter. This is called stress incontinence, and is the most common bladder condition in younger women. It typically occurs when the muscles and tissue supporting the bladder become weakened. Injury, weight gain, pregnancy, and childbirth are the most common causes of this form of incontinence.

Urge incontinence, causes the frequent and urgent need to urinate, which is brought on by spasms in the bladder-control muscles. It can be triggered factors such as consuming liquids, or hearing water running, though the urges often strike unexpectedly. In addition to the inconvenience of frequent trips to the bathroom, it can cause leakage of urine, especially while sleeping. There are several possible causes of urge incontinence, including disease, illness, damaged nerves, and bladder irritation or infection. This form of incontinence is also called over active bladder (OAC), usually when it is not severe enough to cause leaking.

Fecal incontinence

The severity of fecal incontinence may range from occasionally leaking, to a complete loss of bowel control. In some cases, it can be a temporary side effect of illness or stomach distress. Diarrhea or constipation can cause or accompany fecal incontinence. Some other common causes include nerve damage, muscle damage, rectal scarring, and pelvic organ prolapse. It is advisable to see a doctor if this condition is persistent, frequent, or it manifests without the presence of a logical trigger such as illness.

Treatment options

The best treatment for incontinence depends on the type, severity, and cause of the problem. Simple life-style changes, exercises, or physical therapy is sufficient in many cases. Occasionally surgery may be required, although it isn't a major ordeal as you may be envisioning. Dr. Jenkins uses minimally invasive techniques, which minimize the discomfort, recovery time, and risk of scarring.

Don't let incontinence take over your life – call 855-346-8610 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenkins to take control of your health, and take control of your life!

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