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Urogynecologist effectively restores bladder control in Katy

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Urogynecologist Katy with Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine
If you’re among the millions of women suffering from urinary incontinence, there is relief available from your trusted urogynecologist in Katy. Dr. Jenkins and his team have the tools and knowledge to effectively diagnose and treat your embarrassing and disruptive symptoms. He specializes in treating disorders affecting muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tissues of the bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum.

Determining a cause

Not all types of urinary incontinence are the same. Understanding the true nature of your symptoms helps unlock an effective treatment plan. For example, many women suffer from stress incontinence when urine leaks out while laughing, sneezing, or coughing. These problems arise over time, due to hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy and menopause.

There may be an “easy” fix, altering habits like consuming acidic foods or vitamins that stimulate the bladder. Some conditions such as UTI are easily treated; however, other types of incontinence such as “overflow” can be caused by obstructions in the urinary tract. This frequent or near-constant dribbling can also arise as the result of neurological conditions like MS, which interferes with the nerve signals that moderate bladder function.

Dr. Jenkins enlists urodynamics, which involves filling your bladder with water by way of thin tube. A monitor measures bladder pressure and strength, and the health of your urinary sphincter.

Treatment tailored to your needs

Depending on the results of tests and a thorough physical evaluation, lifestyle changes may be recommended. You may benefit from exercises that strengthen the muscles responsible for bladder control. Medications can be prescribed to relax overactive bladder muscles.

If noninvasive approaches fail to help your moderate to severe incontinence, Dr. Jenkins can perform bladder suspension to restore the positioning of this organ for women with stress incontinence caused by post-menopausal and childbirth muscle tone changes. Call 855-346-8610 for a consultation.

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