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Urinary Incontinence Treatment Katy Tx - Personal & Quality Care for Women in All Phases of Life
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Women in Katy, TX, can find treatment for urinary incontinence with their trusted gynecologist

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment from Dr. Taryll Jenkins
Many women struggle with urinary incontinence. In addition to accidental leakage of urine, many experience emotional issues. Many women notice that others often joke about not being able to jump rope after having children or always needing to be within steps of a restroom. However, when the condition strikes, they find that’s no laughing matter. They may feel helpless or isolated and not know where to turn for real help.

In Katy, TX, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Falae have helped countless patients with treatment for urinary incontinence. They understand that the problem is complex and may include both physical and emotional factors.

The trouble with incontinence

Accidental bladder leakage isn’t just about the leakage of urine. When women experience incontinence they are often forced to make lifestyle changes to minimize accidents or manage wetness and odor. For example:
  • A woman with a life-long habit of running may find that she must give up exercise to avoid accidental leaks.
  • One who loves being at the pool or beach may not feel comfortable using a urinary pad inside her swimsuit.
  • A once busy woman may opt to stay home rather than be in a situation where she can’t quickly find a bathroom.

Treatment options

While many patients believe that they are destined for a life of urinary pads or special underwear, that’s not the case. The skilled and compassionate doctors at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine work with Katy, TX patients to understand their issues. They will ask questions about frequency and urgency, medical history, lifestyle habits, and nutrition to understand the cause, and consider treatments such as:
  • Medications to reduce bladder spasms
  • Physical therapy such as Kegel exercises to strengthen the walls of the vagina and pelvic floor muscles
  • Sling placement
  • Botox injections
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