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Help for stress urinary incontinence is found near Fulshear

Stress urinary incontinence causes immense emotional turmoil for millions of women in our country. There are numerous reasons a woman may experience either temporary or chronic accidental bladder leakage. When addressing stress urinary incontinence in our office near Fulshear, we focus on understanding each patient's needs so that we may facilitate a better quality of life as quickly as possible.

A common perception about stress urinary incontinence versus other forms of this condition is that bladder leakage is an age-related issue that one has no choice but to accept. This is not the case. You deserve to be able to run, exercise, and laugh when the urge strikes. If you cough or sneeze, you should not have to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable by wetness. Treatment options exist, and Dr. Taryll Jenkins can help you find ways to improve your daily living with a treatment regimen designed around your problem and your needs.

Understanding stress urinary incontinence

There are several types of incontinence, but stress urinary incontinence is most prevalent. This condition often occurs after a physical change, such as menopause or childbirth. A woman with stress urinary incontinence may lose a small amount of urine upon exertion, which squeezes the bladder. It is not the squeezing action so much as weakness in the sphincter muscles at the base of the bladder that causes urine leakage.

The good news about stress urinary incontinence is that there may be ways to significantly improve bladder control without surgery or medication. Many of our patients respond well to lifestyle modifications or focused exercise that targets the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Taking the first step

One of the reasons that so many women struggle with stress urinary incontinence is because this condition creates a great deal of embarrassment and self-consciousness. We understand! The team at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine wants to help. Dr. Jenkins and our staff offer a listening ear and no judgment. When you take the step of discussing your condition with your doctor, you are much closer to resolution than you may know. We have the education and training you can count on to move forward to a more comfortable life.

Learn about stress urinary incontinence from an experienced medical team. Schedule your consultation at 855-346-8610.

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