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Urinary incontinence from pelvic floor dysfunction treated in the Houston area

Millions of women experience urinary incontinence, though relatively few talk about their condition. We know from experience as well as from today's marketing that stress and urgency urinary incontinence are a looming problem for women of all ages. Often related to some type of pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence is an issue for which women from the Houston area have solutions.

Urinary incontinence brings with it physical discomfort. Even more obvious is the issue of emotional distress that many patients affected by this problem endure. Embarrassment and disappointment that the body is "failing" may develop. If there is a persistent necessity to stay near a restroom or wear absorbent undergarments, the emotional toll may become so great that a person feels isolated and depressed.

The disruption of incontinence

Issues such as wetness and odor may lead many people with incontinence to alter their lifestyle. Driving to work, running errands or spending time out with family and friends all become new experiences. Individuals with urge incontinence, in particular, may suffer greatly when trying to plan outings away from home.

Incontinence and the senior

Seniors with incontinence are at a greater risk for losing their quality of life due to their need to stay near a restroom. The enjoyment of physical activity may be lost due to embarrassment or worry about bladder leakage. The more physical activity is avoided, the more likely muscles are to atrophy. Additionally, research links urinary incontinence with an increased risk of falls in the senior population.

Many seniors affected by incontinence may find it necessary to have a bedside commode in order to minimize accidents during the night. Depending on severity, some seniors feel that their only recourse to manage incontinence is catheterization. In today's society when seniors can enjoy greater freedom and physical activity later in life, incontinence is a problem that needs to be assessed. Fortunately, treatment options for this condition are available.

At Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine, we understand women's issues and the consequences they carry for livelihood. Dr. Jenkins has a great deal of experience helping women manage reproductive and urologic health.

Your life and your wellbeing need not be limited by urinary incontinence, regardless of your age. Learn more about your condition, your type of incontinence, and the treatment that may help you regain confidence. Contact us at 855-346-8610.

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