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As women get older or after having children, many joke about needing to use the restroom more frequently or having to urinate prior to any kind of exercise. While it may be a fact of life, urinary incontinence is no laughing matter. It can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and have a deep impact on your lifestyle. However, Cypress patients can rest easier knowing that urology causes can be addressed by visiting your gynecologist. Dr. Taryll Jenkins of Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine has been helping patients find relief from surprising attacks of incontinence through exercise, physical therapy, medication, or, if necessary, surgery.

What is urinary incontinence?
Incontinence is a medical condition affecting control of your bladder, bowels, or both. The most frequent and telltale symptom is the unintended discharge of urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing, jumping, or exercising. This is a form of incontinence known as stress incontinence. It is caused when the muscles and tissue that support the bladder are weakened. Sometimes those muscles become weak after childbirth, pregnancy, injury, or weight gain.

Another condition noticed by some women is the sudden and frequent need to urinate. This form of incontinence, known as overactive bladders, is usually triggered by environmental factors such as drinking liquids, hearing the sound of running water. Many patients with this form of incontinence issue complain of urine leakage, particularly at night, and frequent trips to the restroom. Overactive bladder is caused by disease, illness, infection or by damaged nerves.

Treatment for urinary incontinence
Treating your urinary incontinence will depend on your individual cause – the severity, type, and cause. Dr. Jenkins will perform a complete examination to determine what's causing your condition. Then he may suggest changes to your diet, exercises (such as pelvic floor exercises), or physical therapy. If you have an infection, antibiotics may be prescribed to treat the infection. Surgery may be necessary if the other treatment options don't work. Surgery is minimally invasive and can give you relief from incontinence and overactive bladder.

If frequent trips to the bathroom, unexpected urine flow, or the inability to exercise, laugh, or sneeze without being afraid is part of your daily life, call Dr. Jenkins today to schedule an appointment.

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