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joliemcmurray asked 3 years ago

I was wondering what tools there were to accurately diagnose CPD or determine pelvis type.
I recently had a c-section and was told I was unlikely to ever have a vaginal birth in the future.
My baby was 6lbs 12oz.
A little bit of labour story:
I was 6cm dilated and fully effaced when I met my midwife at the hospital at 10am. (my water had broke 12 hours earlier)
Three hours later (at 1pm) I was 10cm dilated and had full uterine activity.
My baby was at -3 stationing, had +2 caput and +2 molding, and was suspected to be in the left occiput transverse position.
My contractions slowed drastically between 1pm and 4pm.
I was given an oxytocin drip and an epidural at 430pm.
I attempted to push for an hour and half.
The baby was still at -3 stationing at 7:30pm so we stopped oxytocin and waited for the OR to open for a c-section.
I was given a c-section at 10pm and my baby was delivered in the left occiput transverse position.
The on-call obstetrician told me that my pelvis would likely not allow for a vaginal birth and there was no chance my baby would have descended, however he did not elaborate.
Is there a way to determine if this is true CPD that would effect future births or if perhaps the position of the baby was incompatible with my pelvis shape?