All QuestionsCategory: General Gynecological CareCould we be pregnant without penetration and are these symptoms worrisome?
heribertodeneeve asked 4 years ago

M y girlfriend and I do not have penetrative sex, but hand and oral stuff. We try to be very clean and make sure no ejaculate touches her vagina as she does not take birth control, but there could have been a slip up where I had no cleaned enough ejaculate before fingering. She was experiencing PMS symptoms for a bit we then had non penetrative sex the day before her period where she got precum on her tights and panties right on her vagina. She felt more PMS symptoms the following day (5 days ago) when her period was expected to hit, but no period and she has had no more PMS symptoms yesterday and today and still no period either. Could stress of exams or even her worrying about the precum stain stop PMS symptoms all together? Pregnancy concern? Her period is now 4 days late, she is having new nipple pain and fatigue which is not regular to her PMS symptoms. Ever since it\\\’s come late she\\\’s been panicking because she has extreme medical anxiety to the point where she can even pass out at the thought of having to go. A pregnancy test is also hard to pull off. I don\\\’t know what to do or if pregnancy concerns are likely at all. She has had some return of cravings for all her favorite foods which is usual to her PMS, but its been coming and going which is not usual. I just want to know what level of concern we should have that it could be pregnancy.