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The importance of prenatal obstetric treatment in Katy

The period of pregnancy can be a wonderful and overwhelming time for many obstetric patients in the Katy region. Your body and your emotions undergo many changes throughout the course of a pregnancy. Some women claim it’s the most natural thing they’ve ever done, while others say that nothing about pregnancy feels normal. It is critical to receive prenatal obstetric care from a physician that you trust.

Dr. Taryll Jenkins has been providing patients with quality gynecological and obstetric care for many years. Dr. Jenkins and his team stress the importance of quality health care for women prior to, during, and after a pregnancy.

When a woman decides that’s she’s ready for a baby, prenatal care can begin well before conception. Dr. Jenkins suggests that women who want to become pregnant ensure that they are in good health by kicking habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol. He also suggests speaking with their physician to ensure that any medication or supplements that they’re taking are safe during pregnancy and that they begin to take a prenatal vitamin.

After conception, it becomes even more critical to receive proper medical care. Ensuring proper care is not only important for the mother, it’s vital for the health of the baby. Dr. Jenkins offers the following tips for care during pregnancy:

- Find an obstetrician early in the pregnancy. Through regular checkups and scheduled tests, your physician will be able to monitor the health of mom and the baby. These appointments also provide you with the ability to ask any questions and raise any concerns that you may have. They also provide the doctor with an opportunity to detect any potential problems early.

- Take a daily prenatal vitamin.

- Ensure that you’re eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and grains. Also, continue to drink plenty of water.

- Talk to your physician about how much weight you should gain and try to keep within a healthy range.

- Do not drink alcoholic beverages, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes.

- Continue to participate in physical exercise for as long as your doctor says you can.

- Try to stay calm and relaxed and get plenty of sleep.

Your routine checkups will include a check of your blood pressure, weight gain, and growth of your belly. Additionally, the doctor will listen to the baby’s heart rate using a special instrument. As your pregnancy progresses, your body will change and you may have many questions. If you’re in the Katy area and need an obstetrician, call Dr. Taryll Jenkins today to schedule an appointment.

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