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Permanent Sterilization in Katy TX - Personal & Quality Care for Women in All Phases of Life
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T L Jenkins MD

Are you considering permanent sterilization in Katy TX?

When discussing your options for family planning, gathering facts and receiving counseling are crucial. Permanent sterilization for women is the most popular method of family planning in the world. Only women who are absolutely certain they want no more natural children should consider permanent sterilization in Katy TX. This option is permanent, rarely is it successfully reversed, therefore there are some questions you must ask yourself first. For example:
  • Is there a possibility that you might want a biological child in the future?
  • Would you change your mind in the event of the loss of a child?
  • Would you change your mind if you were separated and had a new partner?
  • Is someone pressuring you to have this procedure?
  • Are you considering this to solve problems such as illness or financial woes?
Think of as many possibilities as you can before deciding. If you have any doubts you may want to consider a temporary method that is reversible such as an intrauterine device.

Few women regret permanent sterilization according to a study conducted in by the Center for Disease Control. Only seven percent of the women interviewed five years after having the procedure felt they had made the wrong choice. For some, a surgery to restore fertility may be possible. However, these surgeries are very complex, expensive, have a low success rate, and increase the risk of a tubal pregnancy.

There are many benefits to permanent sterilization such as:
  • It provides life-long protection from unwanted pregnancy.
  • It is convenient and simple, no more worries about forgetfulness.
  • It doesn’t have the potential side effects some temporary contraceptives have.
  • It doesn’t change your hormones.
  • It allows pleasure in intimacy without fear of pregnancy.
  • Long term, it is cost effective.
If you have done your research, received counseling, and arrived at a voluntary, thoughtful decision that this procedure is right for you, then proceed with confidence! Dr. Jenkins uses Essure, the newest method of permanent sterilization. It has many advantages over other procedures. It requires no incisions so it is safer and there is no scarring. It doesn’t require general anesthesia. Recovery is much faster, allowing some women to return to normal activity the same day! Call Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jenkins.

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