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They say when you know, you know. When your family is complete and there are no more children in your future, you just know. Maybe you've always wanted a certain number of children or maybe you find yourself no longer holding onto hand-me-down onsies, or maybe you're dreaming of the day you can travel or take up new hobbies. Whatever the indication, once you're sure that you're done having children, you may also want to be able to stop thinking about birth control.

Several forms of birth control are preferred by women who are looking for long-term or even permanent options. Some women opt for an intrauterine device, known as an IUD. The IUD is placed inside the uterus and it prevents pregnancy for many years. Women simply have to ensure the IUD strings remain in place, but otherwise, they can forget about birth control. This is often the choice for women who don't want more children, but don't want to close the door completely.

For women who simply never want to have to think about birth control again, Dr. Taryll Jenkins of Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine offers permanent sterilization. The traditional method, a tubal ligation, is a surgical procedure that will require the patient to rest for several days afterwards. However, patients have another option. Essure is a simple and straightforward procedure that permanently closes the fallopian tubes. The procedure is performed in the office and is only minimally invasive. Most patients bounce back after a day of rest.

While many women opt to have their tubes tied during a C-section, most obstetricians warn patients not to make a permanent decision during pregnancy. Not only can hormones be in flux, but patients can have discomfort or uneasiness that will go away after the baby is born. In that case, if a woman is still sure of her decision, she can opt for the Essure method, as it doesn't require general anesthesia.

If you're considering permanent sterilization, call Dr. Jenkins to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jenkins will talk with you about your wishes and together you can determine the right procedure for your unique situation.

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