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Essure Sterilization in Katy, TX

Many women believe that when they're done having children, they just know. Whether they have one child or many children, many female patients find themselves looking for a permanent form of birth control - one that doesn't require changing a patch, remembering to take a pill, or having a small device inserted into their uterus. They want a permanent option that they don't have to think about.

If this sounds like you, permanent sterilization may be for you. Dr. Jenkins of Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine helps patients in the Katy, TX, area make decisions about birth control and permanent sterilization by providing the right balance of counseling and conversation about the various options.

If you believe that a permanent procedure could be for you, the first step is to be completely sure that you do not want biological children in the future. Permanent sterilization is just that, permanent. Most procedures are not reversible. Therefore, it's important to be sure about your decision before undergoing the procedure. If patients have any amount of doubt, Dr. Jenkins suggests another form of birth control, such as an intrauterine device, which can be placed and then practically forgotten for several years.

If you do choose to proceed with permanent sterilization, you may find yourself considering Essure. The Essure procedure is becoming quite popular with patients because it is so effective, even more effective than tying your tubes, and is the gentlest, least invasive procedure available. It is hormone-free and surgery-free, allowing you to get back to your life, and your family, right away.

During the procedure, Dr. Jenkins places Essure inserts into your fallopian tubes through your vagina and cervix, eliminating the need for an incision. The inserts are soft, flexible, and made from the same material used in heart stents. They work with your body to form a barrier to your fallopian tubes, which keeps sperm from reaching an egg, preventing pregnancy. It takes your body approximately three months to form this barrier; therefore, you will need to continue using a form of birth control during this time.

After three months, Dr. Jenkins will perform a test to confirm that your tubes are blocked and that pregnancy will be prevented. Following that test, you can forget about birth control forever and enjoy the family that you have. If you're considering permanent sterilization, call Dr. Jenkins to schedule a consultation and discuss the options that are best for you and your family.

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