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What Houston-area patients need to know about combining a hysterectomy with a tummy tuck

The obvious benefit to performing two surgeries at once is that the patient has to go under anesthesia only once. This not only saves money, it can help the patient avoid side effects or complications brought on by general anesthesia. Other benefits to combining the surgeries include less time spent in the hospital and only needing to go through one period of recovery and healing.

However, there are definitely other considerations. A hysterectomy is a medically-necessary surgery that removes the patient's uterus. It is often performed when a woman has cancer, fibroids, heavy and constant bleeding, or terrible pelvic pain. There are several ways that a hysterectomy can be performed. The uterus can be removed through a single incision in the abdomen, or through several tiny incisions using a laparoscope, or through the vagina. The method the surgeon chooses will depend on the patient's exact need and medical history. However, the type of hysterectomy a woman is undergoing will be a factor in her candidacy for combining the surgery with a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that helps a patient tone loose skin and get rid of excess fat or tissue from the lower abdomen. While the procedures can be done at the same time it's important that the gynecologist manage the hysterectomy while a plastic surgeon performs the tummy tuck. This ensures that each physician is taking care of his or her area of expertise.

If you are preparing for a hysterectomy and want to consider combining it with a tummy tuck, call Houston-area Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine today. Dr. Jenkins will carefully review your medical charts and determine if it would be a safe and effective decision.

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