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What is gynecology in Katy, TX?

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Gynecology is a medical specialty focusing on women's reproductive health. Obstetrics is a related specialty, providing prenatal care to expectant mothers. An OB/GYN, such as Dr. Jenkins, of Katy, TX, is physician who practices both specialties, providing customized care throughout the stages of your life.

Why see a gynecologist?

The human body is infinitely complex, with an amazing amount of structures, systems, and potential for malfunction or disease. A general physician is trained to diagnose and treat conditions anywhere on the male or female body, from athlete's foot to earaches and everything in between. Naturally, that individual cannot study every potential health condition in depth. By necessity, there are many medical specialties, such as gynecology, which involve in-depth training of specific aspects of medicine.

Women face unique challenges and have unique health needs, which change throughout life. A gynecologist is uniquely qualified to provide the specialized care that a woman needs at every stage. From teens to grandmothers, gynecological care is important.

When to visit

The first visit should be between the ages of 13 and 15. From the teen years until well after menopause, routine check-ups are recommended. The frequency will vary, depending on your age and health. Most women can discontinue regular appointments around the age of 70, but they should see a gynecologist if any problems develop.

In addition to your regularly scheduled Well Woman exam, you should see Dr. Jenkins if:
  • You are planning to become pregnant
  • You think you may be pregnant
  • You are sexually active and need contraceptives
  • There is a chance that you may have contacted a sexually transmittable infection
  • You experience excessive pain or bleeding during your period
  • There are unusual changes in your menstrual cycle
  • You experience vaginal pain, discomfort, or itching
  • You notice any unusual discharge or bleeding
  • You have incontinence
  • You detect a lump in your breast during a self-exam
Anytime you have concerns about your gynecological health, we are here for you. Please feel free to call our office at 855-346-8610 with questions, or to request an appointment.

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