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What Katy area women wish their men knew about menopause

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Know more about menopause from Gynecologist in Katy, TX
Menopause is a trying time in a woman’s life. Part of the challenge is dealing with the perceptions of loved ones, while adjusting to internal and external changes. As a male/female Ob-Gyn team, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Falae lend a unique perspective to help women manage this stage of life. They find that patients in the Katy area often wish their partners better understood these important aspects of menopause.

The physical

  • It isn’t necessarily better than having menstrual cycles. While menopause eventually frees a woman from the inconvenience of periods, symptoms can be compared to long-term PMS.
  • The whole body changes. Even for thin, fit women, apples of the cheeks may sag to jowls, pudge refuses to budge around the waist, and labia enlarges. It takes a woman a little while to accept her new self.
  • Metabolism slows. She may not be able to indulge in your tradition of pizza and brew night anymore without adding pounds.

The emotional

  • Mood swings are not directed at you, and aren’t in her control. That fact alone adds to anger and frustration. Talking openly and calmly about triggers helps to avoid them.
  • Libido and sexual pleasure are changing along with the rest of her body. This has a tremendous impact on how she sees herself, as well as the intimacy you share. Approach this from the perspective of “What is best for us as a couple?”
  • The combination of physical and emotional transformation can have a devastating effect on confidence. She remains a beautiful person – now and then, remind her of that.

The takeaway

Embarrassment, social taboos, and misperception allow menopause to become an isolating situation. Like any other challenge in a relationship, it is best weathered with compassion and respect, and when necessary, professional advice. Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Falae are here to help. Call 855-346-8610.

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