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Questions a Katy woman can ask her female gynecologist doctor

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Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine doctor answeres Questions a Katy woman can ask her female gynecologist doctor
Women might feel reluctant to discuss concerns about intimacy or feminine anatomy, even with a well-qualified male doctor. With Dr. Adebola Falae and Dr. Maria Torres on the team at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine, Katy ladies have the option of seeing a woman gynecologist doctor. Here are some of the questions they commonly encounter.

Is odor normal?

Every woman has a unique aroma. It can be influenced by diet, medications, and other factors. For example, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower may impart a sulfurous (rotten egg) smell to vaginal secretions. Alcohol consumption increases groin sweating. A well-rounded diet with plenty of water minimizes odor. However, if your scent changes to fishy or pungent, it could be a sign of infection. A visit to your gynecologist is in order.

Can I have sex during my period?

There are no unusual health risks associated with having intercourse while menstruating. However, that situation does not protect you from pregnancy, so you should use birth control if you are not trying to conceive. Some women experience increased sensation and pleasure during this time.

PMS is interfering with my life. What can I do?

Moodiness just before or at the beginning of menstruation is common. However, full-blown anxiety or depression that makes daily life difficult, feelings of hopelessness, violent temper explosions, or uncontrolled crying are not normal. They are symptoms of PMD – premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Dr. Falae and Dr. Torres can recommend lifestyle changes and medications to alleviate symptoms.

Why don’t I have interest in sex?

Low libido can occur right after childbirth, or before the onset of menopause. However, loss of sexual desire at other times in life, especially if it lasts a few months, could be caused by a physical problem such as hypothyroidism, low estrogen, or side effects of prescription medications.

You may have other questions. Call 855-346-8610 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Falae or Dr. Torres for answers.

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