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Katy physician describes common treatments for infertility

It’s often quoted that making the decision to have a baby is making a decision to forever change your life. For some women, the path to parenthood is uneventful. She makes the decision, gets pregnant quickly, and is soon holding a newborn baby in her arms. For others, months of trying lead to repeated disappointment, frustration, and anxiety when the pregnancy test fails to show the positive sign.

Dr. Taryll Jenkins understands that infertility can be one of the greatest challenges in a couple’s life. He also knows that infertility is not equivalent to sterility and is committed to helping his patients determine the cause for their pregnancy challenges so that it can be treated.

It’s important to note that infertility can be caused by female issues, male issues, or both. In many situations, female infertility is caused by something going wrong during the ovulation process. Ovulation is the body’s way of releasing an egg to be fertilized. Some factors affecting ovulation and fertility can be controlled, such as smoking, excessively drinking alcohol, poor nutrition, being over or underweight, and lack of physical activity.

However some conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome can’t be controlled or altered by simply changing lifestyle habits. Further, as women are waiting until they’re older to have children, age is sometimes a factor as there may not be as many eggs left, the body may not release the eggs, or they may not be viable for fertilization is affected as a woman ages.

Most physicians suggest that women try to get pregnant for at least 12 months before seeking out fertility treatment. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of timing. However, women who are older than 35 should call their physician after six months as time is more critical.

There are many types of infertility treatments. In some cases oral medication or fertility shots can spark ovulation. In other case surgery might be warranted to help clear fallopian tubes that are blocked or clogged. Still in other cases, options include donor eggs, artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, or surrogacy. The treatment selected for each individual woman is a personal decision. Dr. Jenkins provides each patient with the information she and her partner need to make the best decision for their family. For more information about fertility treatments in the Katy area, call Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine.

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