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Affordable birth control: A part of family planning for our Houston area patients

A great deal of thought and planning usually occurs before a couple decides to start a family. For every woman, "the right time" is a very personal choice. This is the case whether she is considering having her first child or a second or third. In between those times in which family expansion is a decided goal, affordable birth control is an essential aspect of the family planning process. Houston area OB/GYN Dr. Jenkins offers patients numerous choices - all of which have a high degree of reliability.

The development of multiple different types of birth control has been intended to create ease of use and options for women. In many instances, however, patients feel overwhelmed and confused by this myriad of choices. Women who visit our practice in Katy gain the benefit of consultation with an experienced gynecologist and obstetrician who has assisted hundreds of women with their family planning and pregnancy prevention needs. Recommendations made by Dr. Jenkins will consider each person's unique circumstances, including budget and lifestyle.

Some of the options we may consider for your pregnancy prevention needs include:
  • Oral contraceptives. "The Pill" is one of the most recognized of all contraceptives. This method requires daily use of a multi-hormone medication. When taken diligently, oral contraceptives are as much as 99 percent effective. While a high percentage of women are well suited to the birth control pill, there are instances in which this method is not recommended. During your consultation with Dr. Jenkins, a thorough health history and exam will help us make that determination.
  • Contraceptive shot. This longer-term birth control is administered by a physician every three months. The injected medication inhibits ovulation and thus prevents pregnancy. Getting the birth control shot does not stop menstruation. In fact, some women experience varied periods for the first six to twelve months they use this method of birth control.
  • IUD. The intrauterine device is a long term method of birth control, providing pregnancy prevention for as long as ten years. If a woman decides she wishes to become pregnant, the device is removed in a straightforward procedure. Due to the longevity of effectiveness, however, we discuss this option at length, including possible side effects.
You have options for affordable family planning. Visit Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine near Houston for reliable information and care.

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