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Doctors at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine explain how safe is birth control, and what is the safest option for Katy, TX area women?
For women who want to avoid pregnancy or delay expanding their family, birth control becomes unavoidable when they are involved in intimate relationships. There are many options out there for patients to choose from. Katy, TX area patients who are interested in finding the safest and most effective birth control for their specific needs and lifestyle are welcome to visit Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine. Drs. Jenkins, Falae, and Torres can assist patients in finding what is right for them.

What is birth control?

Birth control is a method of avoiding pregnancy. This may be done for a variety of reasons, but for many, it is because they want to have sexual intercourse but do not want to conceive a child. There are a wide variety of birth control solutions available, but there is no single solution that is right for everyone. Some of the more commonly discussed options include:
  • Hormonal methods – hormonal methods are one of the most popular methods of birth control for women who are in committed relationships and want something that does not directly impact their intimacy. Hormone methods may include birth control pills, patches, rings, hormonal intrauterine devices, or injections.
  • Copper intrauterine device – a copper IUD does not use hormones and is placed into the uterus. It can last three to ten years and prevent pregnancy with an extremely high success rate. This can be an ideal method for patients who cannot take hormones and do not want to deal with traditional barrier methods. This is also a great option for someone who wants to avoid pregnancy for an extended period. Once removed, many women can conceive if they so desire.
  • Barrier methods – barrier methods may be chemical or physical in nature. They include condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicides, and even sterilization (permanent) through a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

Which one is right for me?

Speaking with your doctor is the first step in deciding which birth control may be right for you. Knowing your age, sexual health, and your relationship history is all information that can be beneficial for the doctor to help guide you towards a birth control method that works best for your lifestyle and needs. A 40-year-old woman who is married and has three kids and does not want to expand her family further may choose a different option than a 25-year-old single woman without kids who is starting her career and wants to delay pregnancy until she is in a long-term relationship or married.
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When should I consider birth control?

Doctors at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine explain how safe is birth control If you are at any point sexually active and want to avoid pregnancy, you need to speak to your gynecologist about possible birth control solutions. This is better than waiting until it’s too late—though there are solutions such as emergency contraception. It is best to be aware of your sexual health and how sexually active you are to help in making the right decision regarding the birth control for you.

How safe is birth control?

The birth control methods available on the market today are all considered safe and effective to varying degrees. Combining some methods, such as using a condom AND utilizing spermicide, can increase the effectiveness and reduce the chance of pregnancy even more than either used alone. It is important to follow doctor instructions regarding use of birth control, as there are some cases in which it may not be as effective. A perfect example is the use of antibiotics while on the birth control pill. Antibiotics can make the pill less effective and may result in a pregnancy. These concerns should be discussed with the doctor before patients choose a method that is best aligned with their lifestyle and current medical needs.

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We offer general care, gynecology, and obstetrics services that span all stages of a woman's life. Dr. Taryll L. Jenkins, MD received his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University and Doctorate of Medicine from Meharry Medical College School of Medicine, TN. He completed his residency training at the University of Texas and Hermann Hospital, TX and is Board-certified from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with years of research experience.

Dr. Adebola I. Falae, MD, FACOG received her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Durham, NC, and medical degree from University of Rochester Medical School, NY. She completed her residency training at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, LA. Women’s healthcare is her primary concern.

Dr. Maria Torres, MD, FACOG earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Baylor University, and her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, before completing residency training at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, IL. She’s an expert in infertility evaluation and high-risk pregnancies.

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