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Houston gynecologist helps make the important decision about birth control

There are many decisions that young ladies must make – where she wants to attend college, what she wants major in, where she wants to work, which parts of the world she's determined to visit. One more decision that many young female adults face is about whether or not to go on birth control. Dr. Taryll Jenkins at Jenkins Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine helps his Houston-area patients make important decisions about whether to use birth control and about which method is best.

Here, Dr. Jenkins discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of birth control:
  • Pregnancy: While it's not the only reason to use birth control, preventing pregnancy is usually the first motivation to consider birth control. When used the right way, most birth control methods are very high effective. However, the patient must be responsible for using the birth control method (in the case of condoms or diaphragms) or administering it appropriately (in the case of pills, patches, and rings).
  • Periods: In some cases, a woman will consider birth control as a solution to help her regulate her periods or to make them lighter, with fewer and less intense cramps. The birth control pill is often used to help a patient manage her periods, as there are many different brands and strengths available.
  • Hormones: Affecting hormones can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. In some cases, a boost of hormones can regulate periods, help minimize mood swings throughout the menstrual cycle, clear up acne, and address other hormonal conditions. However, they can also cause hormonal fluctuations that cause acne or increased appetite. Dr. Jenkins urges patients to monitor themselves closely in the first several weeks and months on birth control and speak to him if there are any concerns about side effects.
  • STD: With the exception of condoms, birth control does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. In many cases, the sense of protection from pregnancy can cause a young woman to be less disciplined about insisting that her partner use a condom, which can lead to the spread of diseases. Dr. Jenkins urges all of his patients to consider using condoms as a method of protection until she is in a committed relationship and both patients have received negative STD tests.
For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of birth control, schedule a consultation with Dr. Taryll Jenkins today.

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