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Benefits of Nexplanon Houston - Personal & Quality Care for Women in All Phases of Life
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Houston patients learn the benefits of Nexplanon

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Reproductive medicine continues to evolve as new and improved technologies, treatments and medications are developed. In the area of contraception, patients of Dr. Taryll Jenkins benefit from comprehensive care. One option worth considering is Nexplanon, an implanted form of hormonal birth control.

How Houston patients are benefitting from Nexplanon

One of the primary advantages of an implanted delivery system is its convenience. There is no need to set an alarm to remind you to take a pill. Other benefits include:
  • Discreet, convenient use
  • High rate of effectiveness
  • Appropriate for breastfeeding mothers (after four weeks)
  • Non-estrogen based
  • Reversible
  • Steady delivery method may decrease "ups and downs" associated with fluctuating hormones
  • Immediate effectiveness if inserted by the fifth day of menstruation
  • Fertility returns quickly after the removal of the Nexplanon implant
Nexplanon is not the same as Implanon

Discerning between the various forms of contraception is an important aspect of obtaining optimal results. The general effectiveness from these forms of birth control comes from the steady dosage of etonogestrel, a form of progestin. Over its three-year course, dosage gradually decreases. Initial daily progestin dosage is 60-70 micrograms. This decreases to 35-45 after twelve months. At the end of year two, daily dosage is 30-40 and, by the end of year three, dosage is no more than 30 micrograms daily. At this time, the implant is removed and, if desired, replaced with a new one.

Differences begin at the point of insertion; or, rather, the ease of insertion. Because Nexplanon has been designed with a preloaded applicator, there is a much lower risk of errors in the insertion process, such as implanting the tiny rod deeper than intended. An advantageous difference with Nexplanon is that this implant has been made to be radiopaque, or visible in x-ray, MRI, Ultrasound and CT. These aspects of the device make it easier to confirm insertion and, therefore, effectiveness.

No particular form of birth control is ideal for every person. We are pleased to offer our patients the choices they deserve. With our comprehensive care, you can identify contraceptives that best suit your needs.

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